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Shoot-through-obscuration K-band, GW antenna and transmitter.


TW/m2 power combining and power focusing experiment


Areas of research

  • GW, ps and fs pulse power
  • TW/m2 power combining
  • ps single pulse receivers
  • shoot-through-obscurations system
  • ps and fs broadband radar systems
  • broadband open area, anechoic and reverberation chamber EMI/EMC/EMP and HPM test facilities
  • HPM threats and protection
  • broadband E- and H-field sensors
  • THz antennas, transmitters and receivers

Major developments

  • TW/m2 K-band power additon
  • First in the world, battery operated, K-band shoot-through-obscuration scoring system having resolution of 3 m at a distance of 3500 m  using 25 cm2 antenna
  • First in the world TEM-Cell having maximum frequency at which the Cell height correspond to 1.333 wavelength
  • First in the world hybrid TEM-Cell and Reverberation Chamber facility
  • Supercomputer modeling of THz antennas



Application of research

  • study of ns lightning on 553 m CN-Tower resulting in redefinition of LEMP threats
  • study of ps ESD resulting in redefinition of ESD threats
  • formulation of Composite EM threat spanning from 100 Hz to 100 GHz.
  • development of ps single pulse receivers
  • development of ps fiber optic modulators
  • development of GW, ps generators and high power broadband antennas
  • development of broadband, rainfall measuring system that resulted in characterization of a single rain drop
  • visibility study of battery operated, 3500 m shoot-through-obscuration training scoring system



Hybrid TEM-Cell/Radiating facility operating from DC to 5 GHz


Supercomputer modeled THz antenna


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