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ASR Technologies Inc. offers the highest quality of research services and products on the broadband electromagnetic market today. Since 1995, we provide superior service to our customers and we assist them in achieving their goals. Our advanced research and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best Company in the area of broadband electromagnetics.



Why broadband electromagnetics - because it allows

  • definition of “Composite Threat” that resulted in ability to protect and test from 200 Hz to 500 GHz,
  • use of ps and fs GWatt power sources
  • addressing the increased importance of the low frequency (flux compression) and high frequency (HPM) threats,
  • using broadband time and frequency domain testing for  verification of hardening.

What the use of broadband electromagnetics allowed to achieve

  • MV/m and GV/m radiated E-fields
  • ease of hardening and testing,
  • at least 3 times reduction of size and related cost of the test chambers,
  • at least 2 times reduction of required power for anechoic and 6 times for RC facilities,
  • at least 10 times reduction of test time as a consequence of not having to change antennas.



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